100 Pack Pcie Riser ETH Card PCI-E Express 1x To 16x ...

Assembling wishlist for rig parts.

I've decided to start a rack of dedicated bitcoin miners and I am planning the parts right now, but I have a few questions.
Q1. 5770 Single Slot vs 5830?
Q2. Is overclock worth it in the long term (since the warranty is no longer valid)?
Q3: Anyone have a decent Mobo link? I'm trying to figure out what mobo would be good for a 4U case and a power supply to go with it to match the number of PCI-E slots maxed out.
Old Rig Specs:
Now for logistics: I own a 5770 (old one) and it only gets 175 MHash, so the spreadsheet is wrong on that account. It would seem 5830 would be my best bet if they're still stocking it next month. Although the single slot 5770 would be nice too.
Table time. Note I am using 175 MHash for $/MHash calculation.
Component|Description|Source|Amount+Shipping :---|:---|:--- Chassis|Middle Atlantic RC-4|Amazon|$54.99+$9.99 Power Supply|Rosewill Green Series RG530-S12 530W, 80 PLUS Certified|NewEgg|$49.99 Motherboard|ASRock M3A770DE|NewEgg|$59.99+$4.99 CPU|AMD Sempron 140|NewEgg|$37.99 Memory|2x 1GB DDR3|NewEgg|$25.98+$1.98 Graphics card|XFX 5770 Single Slot|NewEgg|$126.99 PCIe x1 adapter|Extender Cable PCI-E 1X Riser Adapter|9mart|$9 Storage|Recert Western Digital Caviar 80GB|NewEgg|$16.99 SubTotal|Approx $1.66/MHash w/ 1 Card||$271.89 SubTotal2|Approx $0.96/MHash w/ 3 Cards||$525.87 Optional| Rack|StarTech 2POSTRACK 42U -- about ten 4U/Rack|NewEgg|$119.99+$36.47 Total|With Rack + SubTotal2||$682.33
Some things to note:
I want to find the best solution to the card per mobo with a decent power supply. I also want to add joule rating cost for the components on the table.
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