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A way out: Bitcoin seen by banks & governments as a way to avert collapse?

Freegold, as put forth by FOFOA and predecessors, suggests that the euro was created as a way to leverage gold in a free market mechanism which would allow banks and governments to maintain existing infrastructure during a transition away from the USD hegemony.
While such a system would provide an escape from the financial world's current dilemma, control would remain largely in the hands of legacy lineage. If these old giants were to view cryptocurrencies as a potential alternative or complement to Freegold, there is the possibility that a massive shift in power will occur as those quickest to embrace Bitcoin and its ilk gain leverage over others.
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Man kann an dieser Seite festhalten: Während der Inhalt der Seite (BitQT) damit wirbt, Anleger mit Bitcoin reich zu machen, distanziert sich der Betreiber der Seite von allen Aussagen, die BitQT macht. Auch ein Impressum sucht man auf der Seite vergebens. Wer der oder die Betreiber der Webseite und/oder der Trading-Software sind, bleibt im Dunkeln. BitQT – Betrug? Die Spuren führen in die Consider that, since Feb 9th of this year, Bitcoin has gone from USD parity to a recent high of over $31 with a rapid but absolutely tiny participation rate. It is now just under $19 per BTC and holding steady. A correction was projected well before it happened, so without further drastic collapse we can simply stick with the notion that nothing goes up or down in a straight line. 735 Free images of Bitcoin. Related Images: blockchain cryptocurrency crypto money currency coin finance mining digital bitcoin. 447 393 68. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. 184 179 31. Bitcoin Currency. 152 141 31. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. 169 152 29. Bitcoin Btc. 115 117 12. Bitcoin Money. 101 86 14. Bitcoin Crypto-Currency. 93 75 16. Bitcoin Blockchain. 67 77 10. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin. 70 61 21 ... Hallo Freunde des Buy and Hold, in der Facebook sehe ich härtere Widerstände zwischen 245 und 260 USD. Gewinnmitnahmen, die das Papier in Richtung 224 USD drücken, dürfen m.E. nicht überraschen. Ich freue mich über Kommentare und Diskussionen zu diesem Artikel. Wenn Euch die Idee gefällt, bitte gebt mir ein Like und folgt mir, um immer auf dem Laufenden zu... Buy bitcoins using Bank: ⚡️⚡️Bank of America⚡️⚡️Zelle⚡️⚡️Zelle ONLY 40$ with US Dollar (USD) user fofo_113 wishes to sell bitcoins to you.

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Bitcoin Inches Closer To USD 14000 Altcoins Trying To ...

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