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"The Target Value For Bitcoin Is Not Some $50 Or $100. It Is $100,000 To $1,000,000." - How many people still believe this statement of Rick Falkvinge?

Source: http://falkvinge.net/2013/03/06/the-target-value-for-bitcoin-is-not-some-50-or-100-it-is-100000-to-1000000/
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Addressing Lightning Concerns

I've been on the bullish side of LN for over a year now, but find myself unable to address certain criticisms
Rick Falkvinge's new video in particular, pulled me closer to the fence.
Can we have an honest discussion about his points? (not his character) Which are valid/invalid?

Must be Online
Possibly solved by a trustless contract? (lets call it 'Loop-To') Where a failed route to an offline merchant auto redirects funds to their:
A) LN node when it comes online
B) On-chain wallet

B) is certainly possible (Loop-Out) but not ideal. People who are least likely to be online, are least able to afford moving funds from L1 to L2 often

Routing = Unsolved
With channel liquidity constantly in flux, how will routing scale to hundreds of millions/billions of users, while preserving privacy, speed and decentralization

Nodes: Legal Liability
Rick claims people are now admitting this, but couldn't name anyone (let alone anyone of importance)
The worst I've heard, is Andreas saying it may carry some risk in already oppressive countries. (China, North Korea, Venezuela, etc)

Reactive Security
Eltoo solves/greatly improves this IIRC?

Cold Storage
The answer to this is always:"Hot wallets for spending money, and Cold wallets for savings"
For individuals, "spending money" may mean hundreds of dollars (depending on cost/time to move new money to LN) That's a big enough target on its own, but what about merchants dealing with many thousands of dollars?
Loop-Out is a good enough solution to this, but there is still risk in the interim. (Unless they constantly Loop-Out, which won't be cheap)
Are there any other proposals to improve LN security?

Not Production Ready
Yeah, you can't rush innovation, and BTC/LN are certainly doing more of that than BCH/BSV
but is nobody else worried about the increasing expected time to completion?
(Most recently Andreas said 2 years)

Bonus Round - Concerns not mentioned in RV's video
Receiving Capacity
You have to find $1000 somewhere to receive $1000 through LN... It feels wrong.
(Or constantly Splice/Loop-Out, which won't be cheap)
If we get trustless LN Liquidity Providers to create a channel for you with $X receiving capacity, then great, but if not, many will wonder why this is better than VISA

Please don't take this as FUD, Bitcoin is resilient because it faced, shrugged off and adapted to a decade of attacks
Now is Lightning's time to prove its resilience!
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Bitcoin Cash Merchant Adoption Blitzkrieg - Day 1 - 4 Dec 2017

As many of you know, the Accept Bitcoin Cash initiative site has launched thanks to the hard working Accept Bitcoin Cash team.
However it's not enough to rest on our laurels and post Vegeta memes all day hoping for the price to go up. We've got some major catching up to do. What we need to do is focus on massive merchant adoption. Bitcoin Cash is only useful as a store of value if you can actually buy things with it. The only way that happens is by letting merchants know that we want to pay them with Bitcoin Cash and that we're prepared to do so.
Bitcoin Cash actually benefits from being a functional network, unlike Bitcoin Legacy with its high fees, congestion and Tab payment mechanism which is always 18 months away. Bitcoin Cash has a lot of good selling points, even more so than most other cryptocurrencies if you actually research their fundamentals. Any merchants currently supporting BTC should be able to support Bitcoin Cash with a few tweaks to their software.
So the plan is each day we have a new merchant/service/exchange we want to target together in a coordinated campaign. We can start with some of the biggest global ones first so the network effect grows faster. All we need to do is send one tweet each asking them to support Bitcoin Cash. It will only take a few seconds of your time. We need everyone involved, some have more Twitter outreach and influence than others. Don't just sit on the sideline and watch, get involved too. You want your Bitcoin Cash to grow in value too, right?
Our critics call us "coffee coin" so let's try getting a major cafe chain onboard. To kick things off, I thought we could start off with Starbucks. I like a nice ice cold frappuccino as much as the next guy (and my waistline shows it). Next time we can do Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Lamborghini, Newegg, airlines, online services etc, whatever you like. Feel free to post suggestions for next time in the comments. I don't even need to be running the show here. With Bitcoin Cash everyone's the CEO. If I haven't posted the daily thread by 00:00 UTC due to work, travel etc feel free to copy the template and post it yourself.
Here's our plan for today:
In the future Starbucks or whoever else add support for Bitcoin Cash, go buy something with Bitcoin Cash to show your support. I know Bitcoin Legacy has a "HODL at all costs" culture, but if we want Bitcoin Cash to be accepted everywhere and deprecate the banking system then we all need to actually use it for payments. For me personally I will do a bit of long term saving and spending. I'll try save up a certain amount long term for retirement, save up another amount and cash out that amount for a house one day, maybe another portion for a car and the rest I'll set aside for spending. You can come up with your own strategy like buying a small amount each month with your paycheck.
Once more merchants start coming on board we can also make an issue or Pull Request to keep the site up to date. This will be the go-to site to know who is currently accepting Bitcoin Cash and where you can go to spend it. If you don't see a merchant or service on there feel free to add it too. The more the merrier.
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Right on the Money: Bitcoin hits $3,000, or 1000x my entry point six years ago

Or maybe I should say that bitcoin reached the first target I predicted. Today, I refrain from making predictions for bitcoin until scaling is properly resolved with good engineering, and the obstructing company Blockstream has been kicked out of the community; the currency really has no future until this event has taken place as Blockstream has negated all the utility I originally pointed out through insanely tone-deaf non-business, but cryptocurrency as a whole remains extremely disruptive, be it the first-mover variant (bitcoin) or a second-mover variant. -- Falkvinge
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Bitcoin Volatility: There are no bubbles, only tsunamis to come.

Hello Bitcoiners. I've been watching from the sidelines for awhile now and figured it is time to jump in the pool. I wanted to make a splash, so I decided to share my shocking epiphany on the volatility of Bitcoin.

Where I'm coming from

I believe Bitcoin's biggest hurdle will be that of government regulation but, at the same time, aided by other country's resentment of the PetroDollar and world reserve status the US dollar maintains. I believe in the mechanics and game theory of Bitcoin. I think it will succeed in taking over significant portions of the global economy because of its frictionless nature. I subscribe to the idea that bitcoin will either be worth zero, or very large amounts of money in the long run. It is just a matter of time while the general population learns to trust it as a store and transfer of value. Developers will do what they do and make it easier to use and overcome well known limitations of storage and bandwidth.

And then it came to me

With that, I would like to present some shock and awe that many people will struggle to comtemplate as the success of Bitcoin takes off: Price Volatility. There are three components that need to be considered: The scarce, fixed monetary units; The percentage of global markets bitcoin will capture; And a time frame. With these, you can begin to understand the staggering volatility that awaits us on the path to world adoption.
Due to the limited monetary units of Bitcoin, there is but one other parameter to tune to make Bitcoin a functional, competitive global currency - and that is the exchange rate. Multiply the exchange rate by the monetary units and you get the total monetary potential of the currency.
As of today, that's about 1.6 billion dollars of economic potential. That is it. If Bitcoin is to adopt respectable portions of the black market, gambling, remittance, and online commerce, the required target market cap must be in the trillions. And, again, the only way to get there, because of the fixed monetary units, is the exchange rate.
For Bitcoin to have a trillion dollars market potential, even after the maximum number of monetary units have been created, will be almost $50,000 per bitcoin. Now the question you are tasked to answer is: How long will it take bitcoin to reach a trillion dollar market capitalization? If we use the adoption rate of a similar technology, email, we can see that it took about 30 years. If we apply the same rate of adoption to Bitcoin and a potential trillion dollar market, we get an astounding figure.

Wait for it...

If, for a potential trillion dollar market you require each bitcoin to be valued at $50,000, and it will take 30 years to get to that value, we must expect, on average, the bitcoin value to rise approximately $140 a month. It sounds ridiculous, but do the math: $50,000 / (12 * 30) = $138.88. Edit for emphasis: And this rate will not be linear - it will be wildly volatile! But that is the average increase over 30 years and there is no escaping the simple math behind it.
I recall someone once say that Bitcoin's biggest burden is its "too good to be true" properties. Nobody wants to hear your lies of instant global transfers that cost nothing and the indestructible money can't even be seized by governments - because its impossible and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
But there you have some hard numbers to run for yourself. How would you change the numbers to breech the cognitive dissonance you're currently experiencing that prevents you from believing an average increase of $140 is a month a real possibility?
I would like to thank Rick Falkvinge for his contribution of inspiration to this recent epiphany.
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Calculating the potential value of BTC?

Does anyone have any idea how to calculate potential value of Bitcoin? Say, I want to know the value of BTC if it essentially takes over 1% of online transactions. How does one calculate that and is that calculation at all reliable?
I have no link, but I read one article that speculated that 1% of online transactions would put BTC at $100,000 per coin. If I could find that link again, I would ask the author how he came up with that number.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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Arcade City Whitepaper and Token sale

Hello /ethtrader!

At long last, we're excited to present to the Ethereum community the release version of our whitepaper, including plans for our token sale now scheduled for November 1st at 3pm UTC.
We've been banging on pots and pans since January that we intended Arcade City to be the decentralized, Ethereum-based answer to Uber. In April we laid out our multi-stage path to complete decentralization over time, then announced plans to submit a DAO proposal - oops! - and just recently added a crew of experienced Ethereum developers who've built a functioning Ethereum ridesharing prototype in record time.
In the meantime we've made substantial progress 'on the ground' in cities all over the world, with our flagship ridesharing network in Austin giving tens of thousands of safe rides in a completely decentralized manner.
Now we're ready to combine our decentralized organizational model with the solid decentralized tech that can propel our project further into the mainstream.
Responding to your questions and comments below will be our 7-person ‘City Council’, as well as a few other folks who’ve been involved with Arcade City thus far.
Our Reddit usernames are included in the Team Bios section below.


What is Arcade City?

Arcade City is a decentralized global community of peer-to-peer service providers and consumers. The core technical offering is an Ethereum-based app for web, Android and iOS. Arcade City features an open ecosystem with forthcoming APIs to enable developers and entrepreneurs to easily create their own apps and service offerings as part of the Arcade City network. Initial service offerings focus on the ridesharing industry, with plans in motion for peer-to-peer deliveries and short-term home rentals.
Arcade City aims to reinvent the sharing economy by combining the power of blockchain technology, open-source development, platform cooperativism, and a decentralized ‘swarm’ organizational model open to all.

A hackathon, you say?

Assuming our token sale sells out by the end of November, we'll be throwing an online hackathon open to any Ethereum developers, with a minimum of $100K USD value in prizes, payable in ETH or ARC.
We'll announce super final details about start and end dates, judges and such, after the sale, potentially as soon as the first week of November.
The basic idea of the first hackathon will be to build out the functionality described in the Arcade City Infrastructure section of the whitepaper: the offers, disputes, guilds, referrals, reputation, and assurance systems, with a likely priority on the reputation system.
We intend to crowdsource the majority of our Ethereum development via multiple hackathons with everything open-source on GitHub.
Check out the eye-popping revenue projectons in our whitepaper! Then imagine the majority of that revenue flowing into the Ethereum community by way of incentive prizes to accelerate the decentralization of the sharing economy...

Some press

Team Bios

** Christopher David (MillennialChris) - Mayor **
Christopher David founded Arcade City in December 2015. A former Uber driver, Chris initially envisioned Arcade City as a decentralized, driver-run competitor to Uber. As a blockchain enthusiast and proponent of radical decentralization, Chris was the first to recognize the larger potential of Arcade City as an unstoppable engine of mass peer-to-peer transactions across countless industries and countries all over the world. Using skills acquired during years of grassroots political organizing, he led the growth of Arcade City from an idea into a global movement on a shoestring budget. After much trial and error, he somehow managed to attract an amazing team of talented visionaries passionate to fulfill on the greater vision of Arcade City to ‘decentralize all the things'. Chris has a bachelors degree in international relations, a black belt in tang soo do, and a really loud mouth. And he thinks you should read Swarmwise and Freedom(tm).
** Jennifer Williams (ArcadeCityJenny) - Vice Mayor **
is a founding member of the Arcade City Swarm and has served as the Director of Support since February 2016. She contributes on a full-time basis to expanding operations globally with the other founding members. Together they give new members the necessary tools and resources needed to efficiently and effectively navigate the Arcade City ecosystem. Her primary motivation is to guide, educate and liberate individuals by making information accessible through email, social media, and the Arcade City Help Desk that she designed. After her studies in graphic design and holding several corporate managerial positions she decided to exit the proverbial ‘hamster wheel’ and pursue her entrepreneurial goals which led her to ridesharing. Jennifer has 2.5 years of rideshare experience, has mentored 400+ new drivers, and served as a marketing coordinator, brand ambassador and recruiter, which has given her extensive knowledge of the industry. Through her work with Arcade City she has gained interests and insights into cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, and she believes that implementing the latest technologies will help Arcade City supercede the ridesharing competitors by eliminating the middlemen and allowing drivers to earn fair wages and build stronger communities while saving riders from price gouging.
** Lauren Slade (ArcadeSlade) - City Manager **
Lauren Slade is an accomplished operations and support professional with over four years of direct experience providing tactical strategies ranging from small startups to large scale teams operating globally. As a forward thinking tech leader she believes in pairing laser-focused user observation with a great amount of drive to constantly improve ways of operating as the most definitive route to unstoppable success. Lauren is steadfast and committed to collaboratively solving meaningful problems with a team who values getting things done. She joined Arcade City full-time in June of 2016 to direct the V2 integration of decentralized management systems and develop operational growth processes. Lauren looks forward most to ensuring Arcade City becomes a self-sustaining business model, free of a central governing council from the top down. Her passion for process-minded management and developing teams inspires her to successfully scale and balance hyper growth within talent and project recruitment. As a natural planner she enjoys getting down to the detail on performance and tracking metrics.
** Kristien De Wachter (kikipluche) - City Planner **
Kristien De Wachter has over 10 years of experience in project management and operations. In the beginning of 2015 she reinforced A-Labs, the City’s digital innovation lab. As lead of A-Labs, making the bridge between experiments and the “outside world”, tackling all problems that obstruct the way towards a good end-product, making sure all team members can work and think freely towards the common goals. Working on decentralization for more than a year. She joined forces with Arcade City on the 23th of September, as a liaison between the dev team in Antwerp and the swarm and swarm leaders, making sure all the cats run in the same direction, always with respect for everyone’s individuality and strengths. Believes Arcade City will bring freedom to every individual.
** Stefaan Ponnet (sponnet) - Engineer **
Stefaan has 15 years of experience in software development, design and architecture. He managed a software company for 6 years and worked for large companies as well as emerging start-ups. Interested in the possibilities of decentralized systems, he was an early Ethereum follower. Since september 2015 Stefaan has been full-time involved in developing Ethereum prototypes for government in the city of Antwerp. Stefaan has a passion for open source methodology and loves to solve technological problems. Stefaan and the Antwerp team joined Arcade City in September 2016 by publicly pledging our support to the community. Stefaan will add his expertise by developing all necessary building blocks - like Smart Contracts , Dapps, APIs, and anything else needed to make this new economy a reality.
** Michael Thuy (kingflurkel) - System Architect **
Michael Thuy has been studying and working on decentralized technology for the past 2 years, mostly from within the City of Antwerp's digital innovation lab 'A-Labs'. In the past year he has been working on concepts like Blocktube and Locals World. From a strong ideological and technical background he manages to mash up cutting edge technology to come up with all-round concepts. Meeting Arcade City, he felt he had no other purpose in life than to contribute to Arcade City's swarm. Michael is co-authoring the Arcade City whitepapeconcept and building on the PolymeEthereum prototype. With Arcade City, Michael wants to make sure his kids grow up in a different economic model than he did. He also would like Arcade City to be the de facto economic model on Mars.
** Ben Adriaenssen (Ben_AC) - Brand Architect **
Ben Adriaenssen after finishing his studies in ‘Visual Arts - Graphic Design’ found that working in advertising agencies or graphic studios was not fulfilling his strong urge to do something good for the world and the people in it. Applying his skill-set to communicate about random services or products wasn’t enough; he wanted to make a difference. Working for the City of Antwerp was a big step in this direction. While starting and working in the City of Antwerp's digital innovation lab 'A-Labs', his lifelong passion for creating digital interactive things has been reignited. Focusing on blockchain-technology was another big step to combining the love for design with the passion for people. Ben is thrilled to be able to contribute his value to a project like Arcade City. Working in this innovative decentral way, with like-minded people in a swarm structure, is for Ben a dream come true. He hopes Arcade City can put the power, literally and figuratively, back into the hands of the common man.

We could go on...

But to keep this to a somewhat manageable length, we'll stop here and answer any questions.
How can we earn your support?
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1 Satoshi = $1. Possible?

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Blockgeeks' "What Is Bitcoin? A Step By Step Guide". Published yesterday, it recommends Cryptsy.

Where can I find Bitcoins?
  1. You can hand over stupendous amounts of personal identification to an all-but-unregulated exchange. This is best analogised to keeping your money in a sock under someone else's mattress. Occasionally exchange owners disappear with everyone's socks, or get "hacked". This is very rare, and only happens once or twice a month. Our FAQ strongly recommends Cryptsy, they're a good one mate.
  2. You can exchange cash directly with someone on LocalBitcoins for bitcoins, because business deals in parking lots are famous for working out well.
  3. You can mine them yourself! Note that barriers to entry include designing your own ASICs and super-cheap or subsidised electricity (possibly buying your own hydroelectric plant).
How do I buy and sell stuff with Bitcoins?
Much simpler than just using your dollars!
  1. Change your dollars into Bitcoins.
  2. Find a vendor who advertises that they take Bitcoins.
  3. See if they can find the staff member who still remembers how they take Bitcoins.
  4. Buy your thing.
  5. Wait six hours for your transaction to confirm.
  6. When it's dropped on the floor, send it again with a larger fee. Make sure you didn't accidentally reverse the amount and fee fields, irreversible remember!
Example of a Bitcoin transaction
Your mother calls you that her computer has been locked with ransomware demanding bitcoins within 48 hours. Proceed according to the first step.
What do I need to know to protect my Bitcoins?
Fortunately, we have this super-simple guide to Bitcoin security! https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Securing_your_wallet Your mother will be completely up to speed next time.
What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin?
It is most useful for speculation (95% of usage), drugs and ransomware in that order.
Scams to watch out for
Fucking everything. The uses that aren't scams are buying drugs.
Tyler Winklevoss, co-creator of Facebook, summed it up when he said:
"what was I thinking when I bought all these coins, will I get this ETF up before the bitcoin network collapses. CURSE YOU STOLFIIIIIIIII"
Rick Falkvinge, Founder of the Swedish Pirate party, predicted that:
"The Target Value For Bitcoin Is Not Some $50 Or $100. It Is $100,000 To $1,000,000."
Of course, that was a few months before the bubble popped, but never mind that!
According to John McAfee, Founder of McAfee,
Where do I go from here?
To a shop for armored knee pads, so the next time someone says "Bitcoin" or "Blockchain" to you you can kick them in the nuts and run.
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How many of you still think that this bitcon valuation by Rick Falkvinge still holds true with China and India out of the game?

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O Valor alvo para o Bitcoin não é $1,000 ou $5,000. É de $100,000 a $1,000,000.

Sobre o valor futuro do Bitcoin, muitas pessoas estão confusa sobre o fato do bitcoin subir mais de 1000% desde o começo do ano ( 2013 ). Atualmente está em $1.100 dólares e está subindo rápido, eu vejo pessoas apenas olhando para os números e tentando apenas adivinhar aonde as coisas vão parar.
Eu vejo palpites de $1,000, $2,000, mesmo $5,000. Estes números aparecem soltos no ar por pessoas que estão apenas olhando tabelas dentro da sua casa no ar condicionado. Ninguém parece estar olhando para o outro lado, o principal lado que deve ser observado:
Bitcoin é uma moeda de transação. Como tal, ela deve competir no mercado como uma moeda de transação.
Falar sobre o valor de bitcoin, não é olhar os gráficos subindo ficar feliz e comer pipoca. Falar sobre bitcoin é sobre identificar a potência de mercado, devemos olhar o tamanho do mercado alvo baseado nas forças e nas fraquezas dos produtos e serviços concorrentes para que possamos fazer esta análise.
Quando você conhece o tamanho do mercado, e tem uma estimativa da sua participação no mercado alvo, você pode estipular o valor do produto ou serviço pela porcentagem de participação no mercado alvo.
O tamanho total das transações de mercado é difícil de se estipular, mas tem se falado em algo em torno de $ 60 trilhões de dólares ( esta seria o total de dinheiro em circulação no mundo ). Baseado em minhas estimativas e de outros colegas, acredito que o bitcoin seja capaz de captar de 1% a 10% da participação deste mercado.
O valor mais baixo, 1%, seria se ele captura-se somente o mercado da internet. Os 10% seria se o bitcoin capturasse algum mercado específico, como pagamentos de petróleo, gás, etc. Onde vemos indícios fortes que podem acontecer - Essas operações poderiam ter de 3% a 5% de lucro extra se cortassem as transações através de bancos que intermediam o processo: esses 3% ou 5% poderia acrescentar 100% ao lucro destas empresas, uma vez que trabalham com margem de lucro bem magras.
Além disso, algumas pessoas vão, sem dúvida, investir em bitcoin e manter sua parte de bitcoin longe do mercado, como todas as pessoas tendem a acumular dinheiro se forem capazes disso. Isso diminui a quantidade de bitcoin que deve ser disponível ao mercado. Com uma estimativa grosseira, vamos supor que apenas 1 em cada 4 bitcoin é realmente usado em transações de mercado, e os demais estão em algum tipo de poupança ou plano de investimento.
Isso nos leva a uma parcela de mercado de 600 bilhões a 6 trilhões de dólares, caso tenhamos 6 milhões de bitcoin disponível para o mercado. Isso significa que cada bitcoin seria valor de $100,000 no mercado de baixa a $1,000,00 no mercado de alta.
A luz desta explicação, as projeções atuais de $1000 dólares que apresentam como "ousada e otimista", na verdade, são bastante míopes.
Então essa participação de mercado que eu desenvolvi é realista? Bitcoin certamente tem obstáculos a superar - a escalabilidade e a usabilidade sendo dois deles - mas que tem feito muito bem nesses dois anos que eu venho olhando para ele, se mostra uma moeda madura. Minha previsão, é de um avanço dominante para a maior parte da população do mundo em 2019, mas isso ainda depende de conseguir usabilidade geral para a maioria das pessoas; o valor máximo de bitcoin talvez aconteça uma década depois que o bitcoin chegue a maioria das pessoas, assim como toda tecnologia, leva 10 anos para passar do popular para a maturidade.
Por último, gostaria de deixar claro que há incertezas nesta projeção e seu pressuposto - mas esta projeção é capaz de indicar que tipo de negócio estamos falando.
*Texto do Autor Rick Falkvinge, traduzido livremente para o português por Paulo Fiorio no blog http://btcnewsbrasil.blogspot.com.b, o artigo original se encontra no link: http://falkvinge.net/2013/03/06/the-target-value-for-bitcoin-is-not-some-50-or-100-it-is-100000-to-1000000/. Caso queira copiar o artigo para o seu blog, não deixe de copiar as referências do artigo original e do artigo traduzido.
** O autor do blog acredita que o Bitcoin ainda vai crescer muito, considerando isso, ainda estamos praticamente no marco zero do Bitcoin, o Bitcoin vai aumentar muito de valor quando atingir grandes mercados como Rússia, Índia, Bangladesh, Indonésia, enfim não existe fronteiras para o Bitcoin.
*** Se você acredita que o Bitcoin pode subir a esses valores, não deixe de clicar nos sites que dão pequenas quantidades de Bitcoin de graça: http://btcnewsbrasil.blogspot.com.b2013/11/como-ganhar-bitcoins-free-os-sites.html
Gostou? Compartilhe o artigo e contribua com uma pequena quantia de Bitcoin para o endereço 1GZAoeA7A16AZUv6BTJKdrMPXcdnVYpjom para que possamos continuar realizando o trabalho de traduções de artigos, vídeos e notícias interessantes a toda comunidade Brasileira de Bitcoins aqui no blog. Obrigado.
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Rick Falkvinge Pirate Party Bitcoin To Hit $8,000? Ether Price Climbing Quietly / Bitcoin Cash Debacle / Bitconnect Epix / The Falkvinge -Vitalik Drama Major Bitcoin Exchange Goes Offline James Altucher, Bitcoin at 1 Million: Reasonable

Bitcoin is on a trajectory that will eventually catapult it into bubble territory, with an end target of $25,000 or more. Many of the key ingredients present in past bubbles are now present to create the next one in bitcoin.Whether tulips, housing or tech stocks, bubbles require public participation. And as blockchain becomes more ubiquitous, it lends credibility to the technology behind ... These past days, I have done a lot of thinking about bitcoin that ended up with me investing all of the money I had saved and all that I can borrow into the currency. Here’s why. In two posts now, I have considered the effects of bitcoin on society. A lot of more thinking has been done than has been described in writing, and it has resulted in me putting all my savings into this currency. Warnings of an imminent financial crisis are in the media more than ever before. But could such an event be the tipping point that puts Bitcoin and cryptocurrency firmly into the mainstream? Rick Falkvinge: Imminent Financial Crisis Perfect Opportunity to Convert the Masses to Crypto Rickard Falkvinge5.0 out of 5 stars 6 Star Authentic World-Changing Book , July 20, 2013 EDIT of 19 AUG 2013: Finish book, adding my new remarks at the top, dropping the preliminary review to the end.EDIT OF 13 AUG 2013: I have a 17 hour aviation trip coming up Friday-Saturday, will try to get the detailed review posted sometime in The Target Value For Bitcoin Is Not Some $50 Or $100. It Is $100,000 To $1,000,000. Bitcoin’s value is at an all-time high again. Following the hype peak and crash in 2011, many seemed to have thought it was just another dotcom fluke. But bitcoin was much more than that, and it has returned with a vengeance – its market cap is now twice what it was in the 2011 peak, and it is nowhere near ...

[index] [45016] [33127] [24572] [558] [23496] [36188] [20607] [38140] [5768] [24847]

Rick Falkvinge Pirate Party

Mark Williams, risk management expert and a Boston University executive-in-residence discusses the consequences on the lack of Bitcoin regulations. Subscribe... James Altucher agrees with John McAfee. 1 Million bitcoin price target totally reasonable. To learn how we're GROWING the AMOUNT of bitcoin we hold each day without mining Join me email list here ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search Piratenpartei-Gründer Rick Falkvinge ist selbst Bitcoin-Investor und als IT-Unternehmer und ehemaliger Projektleiter bei Microsoft gilt er als der vielleicht renommierteste Bitcoin-Spezialist. Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party (the original Pirate Party) explains the problems with privacy current copyright laws create, the rise of a culture of sharing, and why we ...