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How TRON’s gaming fund can win the blockchain race

EOS just gave a blockchain gaming startup 16M to build on their protocol.
Ethereum currently has the best dApps, but as someone who is personally in many of their discords, they are looking for chains to switch over to because it’s not scalable enough. And already the top Tron dApps (all gambling at the moment) compete or beat Ethereum dApp volume, because they are inherently more efficient. No one wants to trade items or gamble when you’re giving $1-2 in fees every transaction.
TRON should be convincing teams like Gods Unchained (check with their $100M (minimum) gaming fund. Screw blockchain cuties, trondogs, this is the first legitimate game that could have a million players (and its why its backed by coinbase…). That is what will drive value - having a Hearthstone-like game with true ownership on a scalable platform like TRON would show off just how much better our chain is, and pulling people off Ethereum positions TRON as the obvious blockchain of the future. I have full confidence the tron market cap will overtake eth if the foundation continues to make the right decisions.
The time to strike is now - there’s never been a better time to invest in infrastructure and products cheaply to build true value and consumer adoption. Combined with Project Atlas, Tron could be the top VM-enabled blockchain (#2 to bitcoin, likely to stay at the top just due to market signalling) by early 2019.
Blockchain gaming is going to be huge, and this is a very good step from Justin Sun and the rest of the team.
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Gaming and Cryptocurrency News Update 07/17/2018

Hi everyone, Here are a couple of news articles from the current gaming and cryptocurrency world!
Five things to know about Destiny 2’s July update
No Man’s Sky Next trailer shows off multiplayer, space fleets and more
Study: 38 Percent of South Africans ‘Wish They Had Invested in Crypto Before’
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, TRON: Price Analysis, July 16
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Tron v9.1.0 (2016-05-16) AQ // Fix Caffeine crash; improve update checker; collect Time Zone info; improve error handling; remove QuickTime


Tron is a script that "fights for the User." Think of it as a "tech-on-a-thumb-drive" that automates the majority of tedious work involved in cleaning up a Windows system.
The goal is ~85-90% automation, with the understanding that some things will always be better left to the discretion of the tech. It is built with heavy reliance on community input and updated regularly.
Bug reports, critiques and suggestions are welcome (see how NOT to report bugs). If you have issues with this release, post a top-level comment and myself or one of the mods will answer, typically in <24 hours.
screenshots here

Sequence of operation

Prep > Tempclean > De-bloat > Disinfect > Repair > Patch > Optimize > Wrap-up | (Manual tools)
Saves a log to C:\Logs\tron\tron.log (configurable).


(significant changes in bold; full changelog on Github)
v9.1.0 (2016-05-16) AQ
  • AQ = Released from Antarctica
  • + tron.bat:function: Add collection of system Time Zone information and display it in the log header and trailer
  • * tron.bat:update_check: Break all Update Check code out of tron.bat and into a separate function
  • + tron.bat:update_check: Add SKIP_UPDATE_CHECK variable. Not currently toggleable with command-line switch, maybe in the future
  • * tron.bat:errors: Improve code handling for when various errors are detected (update check failed, SMART error, etc)
  • / tron.bat:safe_mode: Reword the Safe Mode warning dialogue to be less severe, since it's not the end of the world if Tron isn't run in Safe Mode
  • / tron.bat:formatting: Add a single blank line before displaying the log trailer, to be visually consistent with log header
Stage 0: Prep
  • * Update McAfee Stinger to v12.1.0.2004
  • * Caffeine: Tom from Zhorn Software graciously provided us with a special version of Caffeine, statically linked to Visual C++ to avoid the "this application's side-by-side configuration is incorrect" error on some versions of Windows.
Stage 1: Tempclean
  • * Update CCleaner to v5.17.5590
Stage 2: De-bloat
  • + Add QuickTime to list of programs to remove, due to the Apple security advisory and decision to stop support
Stage 5: Patch
  • * Update 7-Zip to v16.00
  • * Update Adobe Flash to v21.0.0.242
  • * Update Adobe Reader to v11.0.16
Stage 6: Optimize
  • * Clarify log messages if we're skipping defrag because of an error
Stage 8: Manual tools
  • * Update various subtools


  1. Primary method: Download a self-extracting .exe pack from one of the mirrors:
    Mirror HTTPS HTTP Location Host
    Official link link US-NY SGC-Hosting
    #1 link link US-NY danodemano
    #2 link link US-GA TheCronus89
    #3 link link DE bodkov
    #4 link link NZ iDanoo
    #5 link link FR mxmod
    #6 --- link US-TX RB14060 (XygenHosting)
    #7 link link Cloudflare TheSqrtMinus1
    #8 --- link FR Falkerz
    #9 link --- US-MI ajcutshall
    #10 --- link UK nickuk
  2. Secondary: The BT Sync key is no longer published because it was having issues with high swarm node count (fails to replicate reliably). You can get the key from someone else or an old thread, or just download from one of the static pack mirrors instead.
  3. Tertiary: Connect to the SyncThing repo (instructions) to get fixes/updates immediately. This method is in TESTING may not be reliable.
  4. Quaternary: Source code
    All the code for Tron is available here on Github (Note: this doesn't include many of the utilities Tron relies on to function). If you want to view the code without downloading a ~500MB package, or want to contribute to the project, Github is a good place to do it.

Command-Line Support

Tron has full command-line support. All flags are optional, can be combined, and override their respective script default when used.
Usage: tron.bat [-a -c -d -dev -e -er -m -o -p -r -sa -sdb -sd -sdc -se -sfr -sk -sm -sp -spr -srr -ss -str -sw -v -x] | [-h] Optional flags (can be combined): -a Automatic mode (no welcome screen or prompts; implies -e) -c Config dump (display current config. Can be used with other flags to see what WOULD happen, but script will never execute if this flag is used) -d Dry run (run through script without executing any jobs) -dev Override OS detection (allow running on unsupported Windows versions) -e Accept EULA (suppress display of disclaimer warning screen) -er Email a report when finished. Requires you to configure SwithMailSettings.xml -m Preserve OEM Metro apps (don't remove them) -np Skip the pause at the end of the script -o Power off after running (overrides -r) -p Preserve power settings (don't reset power settings to default) -r Reboot automatically (auto-reboot 30 seconds after completion) -sa Skip anti-virus scans (MBAM, KVRT, Sophos) -sdb Skip de-bloat (OEM bloatware removal; implies -m) -sd Skip defrag (force Tron to ALWAYS skip Stage 5 defrag) -sdc Skip DISM component (SxS store) cleanup -se Skip Event Log clearing -sfr Skip filesystem permissions reset (saves time if you're in a hurry) -sk Skip Kaspersky Virus Rescue Tool (KVRT) scan -sm Skip Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) installation -sp Skip patches (do not patch 7-Zip, Java Runtime, Adobe Flash or Reader) -spr Skip page file settings reset (don't set to "Let Windows manage the page file") -srr Skip registry permissions reset (saves time if you're in a hurry) -ss Skip Sophos Anti-Virus (SAV) scan -str Skip Telemetry Removal (don't remove Windows user tracking, Win7 and up only) -sw Skip Windows Updates (do not attempt to run Windows Update) -v Verbose. Show as much output as possible. NOTE: Significantly slower! -x Self-destruct. Tron deletes itself after running and leaves logs intact Misc flags (must be used alone): -h Display this help text 


\tron\integrity_verification\checksums.txt contains SHA-256 checksums for every file and is signed with my PGP key (0x07d1490f82a211a2; included). You can use this to verify package integrity.
Donations (bitcoin): 16dxc4hgzuXYSKGbLuEVxXQCM8dW59ZSCe
Quiet Professionals
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Bitcoin Funfair TRON Revvv up Bitcoin Bars - TRON (Prod. BeatsBySav) TRON TRX MENTIONED BY FORBES AS 1 OF THE BEST CRYPTOS! BINANCE BECOMES #1 TRON TRX SR! BEATZCOIN VIBRAVID UP ... Kryptowaluta Tron - Potencjalny lider i konkurencja dla Ethereum i Bitcoin? (Finas #34)

When bitcoin appeared, then tron legacy trailer appeared and began to gain momentum. In the beginning tron legacy trailer were raw and contradictory. Today tron legacy trailer have a completely different quality. They are more technological, more truthful and more close to reality. It is necessary to understand that if this market develops at the same pace, in the future tron legacy trailer ... TRON / Bitcoin-Quote: 1 BTC = 480289.73 TRX Derzeit beliebte Währungen auf CoinGecko. eToro Gesponsert. Litecoin 0.6%. Kusama -2.5%. Ankr 0.4%. Monero 7.1%. PancakeSwap -19.2%. Uniswap -3.6%. Ocean Protocol -8.1%. Spot. Perpetuals. Futures. Affiliate-Offenlegungen CoinGecko unterstützen. Links auf dieser Seite können Affiliate-Links enthalten. CoinGecko kann eine Vergütung erhalten, wenn ... TRON is an ambitious project dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet. The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain based operating systems in the world, offers scalable, high-availability and high-throughput support that underlies all the decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem. Bitcoin: Steht der Ausbruch aus dem langen Seitwärtstrend kurz bevor? So sieht die Lage momentan aus 22.07.20, 13:00 onvista Audi hat für den Fahrsound im Innenraum des kommenden e-tron GT einen aufwändigen Trailer produziert. Das Maß an Pathos im Film wirkt unfreiwillig komisch. Donnerstag 08.10.2020 17:53 - MotorMobiles. Elektrisch angetriebener Gran Turismo: Die Serienfertigung des neuen Audi e-Tron GT startet Ende 2020 – weitere Teaserbilder. Audi e-Tron GT und Audi R8 fahren über die gleiche Montagelinie ...

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Bitcoin Funfair TRON Revvv up

tron trx ranked #1 chinese crypto! china begins testing its crypto blockchain with banks! CHINA BEGINS TESTING ITS CRYPTO BLOCKCHAIN WITH BANKS! - Duration: 21:00. Remove all; Disconnect; The next video is starting In this video we are going to show you a simple way to prepare for the dips and hopefully save you some sleepless nights the next time Tron and Bitcoin Crash, dip or do any other unsettling things ... bitcoin account bitcoin buy bitcoin chart bitcoin complaints bitcoin etf approval bitcoin frauds in india bitcoin is a scheme bitcoin meaning bitcoin mining bitcoin news bitcoin price bitcoin ... Dziś będzie o bardzo dziwnej kryptowalucie. Czemu dziwnej. O tym opowiem w materiale. Kryptowaluta Tron - Potencjalny lider i konkurencja dla Ethereum i Bitc...